The Day My Life Changed- “The Why”

What Happened:
It’s funny they say you don’t remember a traumatic event, well I remember! (Yes I know compared to some my event is not horrible but for me it has been)Feb 10th started off as a normal Friday. I went to work as normal, taught an aerobic class and went to Wal-Mart. After being in Wal-Mart approximately 20 min and standing in a VERY long line my calf muscles begin to burn on both legs. Of course when you workout as much as I do you go through shoes pretty frequently, with this in mind I figured that I just needed new shoes. The pain and burning got so bad…I took them off. After checking out I hobbled to my car.

I took my passenger by Wendy’s (which we did every Friday after class). At this point I still felt a little pain in my legs but overall just felt weird. With driving 3/4 mi from the drive through while eating a french fry (healthy right?ūüėŹ) my jaw locked up. I was completely unable to move it. I tried to keep a calm face even though I was freaked out I didn’t want my passenger to be alarmed. ¬†Being so close to my destination I thought it was best to continue our trip. At least this way I would be closer to my family and off of the road. I was 1/2mi away from help…..

1/2 mile from my destination my right leg caught a severe cramp! Starting at my toes and going up to my calf my muscles were extremely tight!! All I could think about was my passenger and not running off the road. We made it to our destination and I sent my passenger in the house and my mom came out. My right leg stayed cramped for 45 min and my left leg begin to get tight. My right leg eased up and I walked into the house. My leg was so sore from the cramp I  could barely walk. I was able to sit with my family and hold my self together even though I was in agonizing pain.  Eventually both legs loosened up and I drove home and walked into my house with no problem.

How I felt:
What the crap is going on??? I was terrified while driving that I was going to run off the road and I would get harmed and harm my passenger. Would this happen again and make me not able to walk? Thank you God that you spared us! ¬†I Pray it’s over now!


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