Not Again…..

Note: Start at “The Why”

What Happened:

Today was a long day as all of my Wednesdays are extremely long. I wake up early, go to work for my normal job, then stay 2 hours for an extra group, drive 45 min in heavy traffic and go directly to church.  Wednesdays are just long.  However they end with me getting some good word to feed my soul so I am ok with Wednesday lol.  On my way to work this morning while eating my fruit my jaw locked up.  It scared me because this hasn’t happened in a while.  i began to cry and text my mom (because she makes it all better).  She was at my grandmas and they both began to pray!  I knew it wouldn’t be long before it unlocked.  It stayed locked for 35 min.  When it finally unlocked my face was very sore and I couldn’t open my mouth really wide.  A day of barely being able to talk or touch when you work with kids is a hard day.  As the workday went on my body got worse and I ended up leaving work early and not being able to hardly walk.  When I finally made it to the car from my building all I could do was cry.  I cried and I cried hard.  I was in pain soooo much pain.  I cried the ugly cry with short breaths, snot and ugly faces. LOL!  I just wanted to go home and go to bed.  I missed church and my feelings were hurt by that.  I needed to hear something to feed my soul that was encouraging.  I needed to hear a word from God. So as I was lay down I prayed myself and asked God to heal my body and if it wasn’t going to be soon to give me strength to endure until He was ready to heal me.  I reminded Him of his promises and praised his name.  I declared that am the healed protecting my  health and I demand my body, my bones, my muscles and thoughts to line up with the word of God.

How I felt:

Not again…..why is this happening again? I thought I was over this part.


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