Note: Start at “The Why”

What Happened:
Today was an ok day. I worked all day chasing after clients. I taught one fitness class that uses equipment that I have to grip and hit. The pain usually comes when I hit the equipment together so I have learned to hold my left pointer finger up instead of allowing it to grip with the others. The pain is a radiating vibrating pain that goes down my finger. It is excruciating, but I have learned to adapt. In this class we also sit on the ground which is becoming harder and harder. I now have severe pain in my hips and back when sitting down. But I made it through the day! The class! and now its time for another class that requires more equipment, heavy equipment like big tractor tires and  such. Well I loaded all 4 tires, plus heavy weighted bars and various other equipment. Got to the location feeling ok so I moved the 30 plus chairs and 8 tables that needed to be moved. Luckily my friend, my right hand woman in class showed up and helped me finish. This was such a blessing because I was going down, well my body was. I visually  modeled an example of exercise like how to flip the tire, burpees, squat jumps, quick kicks, battle rope and high knees. Class was soooo awesome and I was so proud of my peeps!!  They even stayed to help put equipment away and move tables and chairs 👏👏👏Thank God! I finally made it home to unload all of the stuff and who pulls up behind me? My right hand woman!!! I could have cried! Even though I said I was ok, she knew I needed help. We got it all unloaded again and by this time every muscle and fiber of my body was screaming. All I could do was cry out and ask God to  just help me go to sleep. I got 5 hours of sleep! Wont He do it. I am dreading tomorrow. It is going to be a long day…… a very, very, very long day!

How I felt:
Like my body was screaming for help on the inside but I had to keep pushing. I am tired of pushing. Day 80 and I am exhausted.


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