Keep Pushing

Note: Start reading at “The Why”
Just to get everyone caught up :

Severe: burning in feet, pain in feet when I walk, splint like feeling on legs (as if I have on a brace),  shooting pain to hip from feet, hip and lower back pain, burning in fingertips (like blisters)
Less Severe: Pain in shoulders and arms, numbing in face on occasion and dull pain in fingers, wrist and forearm. I feel like my muscles are not recuperating
New: sensitive skin, pain in hands, pain in thighs, shoulders and across my chest when I move,  peeling like feeling under my toes (like the being in the pool or tub too long and your skin splits)

What Happened:
Today I taught 3 fitness classes and went to work. I also did a round of my boot camp class. A real workout. My first one in months… I knew I was going to be in pain but I wasn’t expecting this. I am soooo sore. Sore to the touch! HAHAHA literally. It hurts to touch and to be touched. The post tonight is not going to be long because my finger tips are on fire. Today was a good day though. I got all of my water gallon in and I feel pretty good emotionally and mentally. It has been a very long day though and I am extremely tired and hurting. I cant wait to sleep. Oh yeah, I got in a test result (1 out of 1000) saying my vitamin D level is 20 out of the possible 100, 30 is the lowest they like for you to be before your body stars having negative side effects such as fatigue, muscle weakness and joint pain….hmm! The nurse made the comment “you have the levels of a 75 year old man on  chemo” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 wait what??? How is that even possible? Lol what happened on Feb 10 that change my levels from a 31 year old vibrant female to a 75 year old man. After doing a little reading I did see that his is actually common among African Americans and Latinos. So I am taking 5000mg of Vitamin D once a week.

How I felt:
In pain but hopeful that the vitamin will work and I will begin to feel better immediately.


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