Date Weekend

Note: Start reading at “The Why”

What Happened:

This weekend I had a date and an outing with a friend from graduate school. My friend from graduate school came Friday. We always have so much fun!! I woke up sooo excited to prepare for the weekend! I worked my normal full day at work. What felt like the longest day ever!!!! When I finally got off it was time to drive the 35 min to get home and hope I beat my friend to my house. I didn’t…lol but it was soooooo ok! Upon seeing him I had the biggest smile on my face. Although my legs hurt he was able to make me laugh and almost forget that my life was not all screwed up at the moment. It was so refreshing!!! Not to mention he is well rounded, highly educated, has a great head on his shoulders, hard worker and he is very handsome! We had a blast eating Mexican food and I even had a drink and it was delicious!!!! Like really delicious! Then we talked and laughed all night. He left just in time for class. I woke up excited and ready for my two classes and then prepare for my date. By this time my body was not really feeling awesome. I was exhausted and my legs hurt to walk. Why not cancel? Well, this was my first date in almost a year and honestly I needed it to get back in the swing of things, to make my life feel some sort of normalcy again. I met my date at Red Robin (endless fries so I’m cool). We talked well…..he talked. A Lot of talking, without me, lol. This was more of a monologue. An extended version of a very long boring monologue. I was not having fun at all. During one of his monologues I timed him….NINE MINUTES of talking and he never once asked me anything. So dinner finally ended and it was time to watch the movie. We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The movie was actually really good and yes he even talked through some of the movie. Lol amazing I know!!! So the movie and those “comfortable” seats….No! Just no!!! It was excruciating trying to sit in those seats for 2 hours and not move. I was fidgeting like a crack head on his first 24 hours of remission. It was not fun, not at all.  My legs were hurting, my feet were numb, my butt was hurting so incredibly bad

and it was just so very uncomfortable. I know for sure on this dating journey I will not be going on any more dates until I am healed. Whew!!! I survived though and the date was over. I could finally go home!!!!! Praise God and sweet baby Jesus!!

How I felt:

Friday was good!!

Saturday morning was good but Saturday night with the not so hot date and the not so comfortable movie seats was……not so good!


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