Happy Hump Day

If only I had a camel that would walk across the screen… or in real life! Man that would be so cool!!
Today here it is cold and rainy. My skin feels as if I have 3rd degree burns across my entire body, my fingers and legs hurt. One different symptom for this time is my back and neck having pain. Last year I don’t remember it affecting my torso this much. Up both sides of my neck across my shoulders and down my right side of my back feel that they are in constant strain. I have a full day of work ahead of me and it is currently not going too well. I have on a hoodie and sweats. Due to the my skin burning when  the wind blows or when something touches it I put on a tighter fitting long sleeve shirt to act as a second layer of skin that would protect my actual skin. Today seems like the day where everyone is touching me!!! I just want to scream out but instead I scream silently in my head.This has helped a lot. I also joined a support group on Facebook but they seem to complain a lot and it seems like there is not ever anything happy that happens to them. LOL I try to keep the complaining to a minimum and focus on the good things.

One of the things that has helped me through is setting small goals such as: make it to the car, make it in the house, make it through work, buckle up… then I cheer myself on when I reach these small goals. I also listen to music as much as possible. If you’re just getting to know me I looooove music! It calms me and gives me energy. I have gone gluten free and am not eating sugar or meat this week. Right now I just want something good. Something fried and or something chocolate. Or some mac and cheese would be so comforting right now.  Enough about food. I am at work and we just won our special needs basketball game.  I am so excited!!! I cant wait to see what else great happens today! I will update you guys soon. Have an amazing day!!

P.S: If this doesn’t make sense I am heavily medicated so forgive me! LOL!!


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