Finally Friday!!!

Happy Friday loves!!!! I am so elated that it is finally Friday!! I woke up early this morning in a little bit of pain but ok. I signed up to give blood before this flare up started.  I am a bit nervous but I think it should be fine. I think I will eat an actual pork sausage to get my iron up.  I typically eat turkey sausage and this week I have been drinking a veggie shake but I want to make sure I can actually give today. I am anemic and sometimes my iron levels aren’t high enough to give. I am about to cut my music up and jam  through the house. Talk to you guys later!!
    On my playlist: 
Rise Up- Andra Day (inspirational)
Big Girls- Salt and Pepper (girl power)
Flawless- Bey (no explanation needed)
Don’t Be So hard On Yourself- Jess Glynne (a little reminder)
I Understand- Smokie Norful (a little gospel)
Fall for you- Lella James (a little love)
Giving blood went well and didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought. My blood is so bougie! It only comes out when it wants. Today it had to be coerced and even then it was sooo incredibly slow it took me almost an hour. The nurse had to keep moving the needle and call for back up so i am sure I will have a nice bruise later today. I am feeling pretty good right now!!! I feel like I could run a mile or at least walk to the lunchroom without being out of breath 😊😊😊😉 and my voice is back!!!!!!! Its been gone since Tuesday morning!! I just want to talk  to everybody!!! On Friday typically I hang out with my co-workers and my guy friend. I really hope I still feel good this afternoon so I can do the normal Friday stuff. Fingers crossed

Sooooo my arm is bruised but fine. I got in a little QT with a special QT /cutie   (😂😂 yep I’m corny) and yes I’m laughing really hard at my joke. Ok ok back to it…. he washed my car, I lost the meds I keep in my car but I made it to dinner with my friend!! Much needed girls time! I know the ending was pretty anticlimactic but…. I’m sleepy. Pain level-4 and rising BUT overall today was a good day! Goodnight all


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