Today was not a good day. My pain level was 7/10. I managed to work and teach my fitness class. I had groceries from Sunday that I was not able to cook so I snacked most of the day. After work I was able to finish the bottom part of my hair as I am doing a natural protective twist style. I did about 10 twist which took about 2 hours. Toward the end of the section I was doing my left hand begin to cramp really bad. My palm was beginning  to swell and hurt (see picture below) I went to my cousins softball game. The weather was cool not cold. I stayed about 40 mins but had to leave early to teach my fitness class. Walking to my car I noticed my toes on both feet were frozen and numb. I cut the heat up high in my car but it didn’t help. I taught my class, did jumps and gave high and low impact options. Every time I finish a class I thank God and my body for making it through. My toes were still frozen on my left side but my right  side was thawing out. I could not wait to get home. My entire body hurt. I took my meds and got in the bed. As I was dozing off I heard my doorbell ring. I was a little scared and instantly thought “my fingers are hurting too bad to put my bullets in my gun, Lord please don’t let it be anything serious” . My thoughts were as following and in order:

  1. I’m not expecting anyone
  2. Is my gun loaded
  3. I cant run
  4. I hope nothing is wrong
  5. Am I dreaming?

So I said who is it and I didn’t hear anything. So I looked out of my kitchen window to see if I could see a car. I did! HIS! He is here!!!! I ran (quickly walked) to my door and slung it open and wrapped my arms around his neck. I was so happy he was there. He makes me feel better. He said that when he heard about my horrible night he had to see me. I felt so special, so wanted, so needed, so loved. He was here, to hold me, to console me, to just be him..for me and at that moment that was absolutely everything! We talked and cuddled for what seemed like forever. It was so nice just him being there. I felt safe and for that brief moment the pain was minimized or at least it felt like it. I fell asleep happy.


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