Today Was a Good Day

Today I decided that I cried my last tear yesterday…. (insert song by Mary Mary “Yesterday”)

I am going to make today ok. I am going to make me have a good day. No matter the struggle I am going to have a good day. Yesterday was a bad day. Looking back I am beginning to wonder if I am depressed.I think that is why I am so determined to have a good day today. If you have good days and aren’t sad can you still be depressed? I guess that is what people don’t understand about fibro. We are all naive about something.  I played my music and I prayed that today would be better and that my body would operate the way it was designed to. I just don’t believe God wanted me to be in this much pain. NOPE! I hope you all are having a good day as well!!! Whatever you are going through you got this!!


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