I’m Coming Out

“I’m coming out, I want the world to know”
HAHA! Now that I have your attention I am coming our with my diagnosis. Some of you may have noticed that the name of the blog has changed from “Praising My Way Through” to “Fit for Fighting Fibro”. The reason behind it is this blog may possibly be going public. As you know I have the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and a trace of Lupus. However, with it only being a trace of Lupus I have decided to focus primarily on Fibro. Why Fit? The definition of fit is
  1. (of a thing) of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose.
    “the meat is fit for human consumption”
    synonyms: suitable, good enough; More

    in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise.
    “I swim regularly to keep fit”
    synonyms: healthywell, in good health, in (good) shape, in (good) trim, in good condition, fighting fit, as fit as a fiddle; More

  1. be of the right shape and size for.
    “those jeans still fit me”
    • fix or put (something) into place.
      “they fitted smoke alarms to their home”
      synonyms: laypositionplace, put in place/position, fix

      “have your carpets fitted professionally”
  1. the particular way in which something, especially a garment or component, fits around or into something.
I highlighted the parts of the definition that I have chosen to use “fit” for. My attitude about life has not changed. Also, of course I am a fitness instructor and typically I consider myself “fit”. I say typically because I am barely able to walk for 5 minutes without being out of breath. I teach my classes but have dropped down to twice a week and I am in excruciating pain while teaching. I am still happy and I will still find the positives in every situation. I will be fitting this diagnosis into my lifestyle but I will NOT be changing my lifestyle to fit the diagnosis.

Going Public:
I am very nervous about people knowing my  business because people are not nice. With me being in the fitness world having a weakness may open up other instructors to try solicit my clients. This is one of the many reasons I have fought through and taught classes when I couldn’t feel my feet, through my hands going numb in class, through having pains shoot from what felt like my brain down to my heels.  The main reason is that people depend on me to be where I am supposed to be. I help people every day of my life no matter which job it is at. During my first job I have the ability to change the lives of the children and their families that I work with.  In my second job I help women and children achieve their fitness goals and become healthier.  Seeing how they bond with each other during and after class as well as seeing and hearing their success stories just makes my life better. Seeing them achiever their goals makes me just as happy as it does them.  Still…..people are mean! A definite thought is what if people think I am whining or attention seeking??? Hopefully I will be able to put information out and still be able to express myself without people viewing me this way.  However, a positive of me “coming out” is hopefully I will be able to let someone who is going through this or any situation where it seems as if they may not make it, that there is hope!! If I can do it with Gods help so can they. Knowing that I could help someone, even if its just one person, makes me feel less anxious about “coming out”.


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