We are headed to the beach

Update: so last night…well this morning I wrote that my body felt off. Well I was right.  I had 2 panic attacks that ultimately landed me in the hospital. I got out and was able to get about 1 hour of sleep before having to get up and get packed and leave for the beach. I was able to go back to sleep for about 2 hours on the way then I drove. We ate breakfast at Shoney’s. I love going to Shoney’s. They have the best cinnamon french toast sticks ever!!!! So after breakfast I drove the rest of the way. I was sooo sleepy but I started talking to mom about work and school and that woke me up. Driving in the car and being seated for that long made my back and legs ache. Finally after driving for what seemed like forever we made it to PCB Panama City Beach. My family went shopping and to eat. I took a nap. When I woke up my legs were on fire, the skin on my legs hurt and my feet and back ache. However, I did not come all the way here to stay in the condo and hurt. If i’m going to have to hurt then I am going to do it out and about. So I called my mom and put in my order of fries. By the time I got there they were ready to leave but my fries were still hot and delish!! We then went to walmart to get a few things for the condo. When you have as many people as we do staying under one roof you need things like extra tissue and paper towels, snacks, breakfast foods and supplement meals so we dont have to eat out. Oh and air freshener because…..well you know why! lol. Thank God for air freshener. When we got back some of the family went down to the beach.  I thought it was too cold and windy so I opted to sit this one out. I was exited about the light show that would happen in the lake in our wonderful view.  So I kept the time for the show and reminded our family to be ready. When 8pm hit I watched the light show and headed to bed. I am about to sleep so incredibly good. #BeachBae

SN: I miss my friend. Although its really only been a few hours I think the thoughts of what we wont be able to do right now makes me miss him more. Above all else he had become a really good friend. I miss him. (Adulting sucks)


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