Beach Day

Today we are headed to the beach!!!!

Last night I slept about 12 hours only waking up once, so I am well rested!!! I got up ate eggs and turkey sausage and took my meds (Vitamin C, Tumeric, Zyflamand and Tramadol +Tylenol) today I added my CBD oil to try and ensure that I have the best day!

I am so excited to get some sand in my toes! I cant wait to just be at the tip of the water haha. Yes I said the tip. I am not sure if i’m getting all the way in. I have no desire to swim with Willy or Nemo. If I see squitward i’m probably going to get out. 😁😁😁

It is finally warmer here. I am so glad! Its been pretty cool here the past few days so I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would have liked to outside at the beach or on the patio enjoying the water. I have on a typical one piece with a swim shirt to match.Β  I tried on a 2 piece top to matchmy bottoms….No! not yet!! I also tried on my all black one piece but its more for a friendly gathering than a family event. So I decided to go with my covered up family swim suit. LOL.Β  I’m rocking my Nike shorts that are comfortable even on these big ole pretty brown legs. Speaking of brown….most of my body is in desperate need of sun. lol. I say that now but typically by the end of the month I am the complexion I want to be for the rest of the summer and by the end of the summer my complexion is that of a burnt choc chip cookie 😊😊😊 I also packed rain jacket and a sweat shirt just incase. While standing on the patio I noticed the temp feels good but there is a slight breeze that burned my legs when it hit. So I just want to be ready.

I cant help but to think about the last time I was at the beach….It was not a pleasurable experience. It was at the end of May and I was in the middle of this mysterious illness (go back and look at post from 2017). The water was cold and it hurt, the air was cold and it hurt. But there was an indoor pool and jacuzzi so I was able to get in the water and have some relief! LOL I also ended up saving a little girl who almost drowned. Thank you God! I love when He reminds me He is with me and He’s got it and me. (Praise/shout break). So while this is in the back of my mindΒ  prepare for it and expect to have an amazing time!! And because my expectations are in the right place and so is my mind I declare today will be a good day! Talk to you guys later!


Today was amazing!!! I enjoyed the beach and all of the fun that comes with it! We played in the sand, ran from Squidward’s frineds, relaxed and got some sun!! AHHH Vitamin sea! So nice!! Then we went shopping and I found some amazing deals! Chi flat iron and blow dryer was on sale so of course I bought them!!! I mean I had to! I took down my faux locs and am rocking my natural hair. I love my curls!!! I just finished packing because we are leaving early in the morning. I am about to climb in bed and watch a lifetime movie with my niece. Talk to you guys soon!!


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