Lean wit It, Rock wit It

This morning I woke up, prayed and listened to music. I feel better today and more aware. On the way out of the house I felt a pull in my left leg. I paid no attention to it as I was running late. By the time I got to work my entire left leg was riddled with pain from the inside and across my pelvic bone and hips. Working today has been hard. I am glad all is going well. I am going to call my doctor to let him know about the major depressive symptoms and the new leg pain that is making it almost impossible to walk. Not impossible because I am me and nothing is impossible. I can do this. I got this! I also have a mean lean/limp while walking but i’m rocking it (hence the title). This afternoon my nephew has a baseball game and my twin younger cousins have a softball game against the major rival high school here in town. I sure hope I get to make both games, although, its not looking favorable due to the cold weather.  I will update you guys later tonight! Have a great day!

Hey hey beautiful people!! Well I did speak with my dr who was willing to meet me at the hospital.  I chose  to not go because I do not have insurance right now and that bill would have been thousands of dollars. I did make an appointment to see him next monday in his office which will only be $145. Although I am not sure what i’m going for now as I am not taking the main meds he prescribed me. Why you ask? because I really don’t want to put that synthetic medicine in my body. As you have read previously I tried the sister medicine to Lyrica called Gabapentin last year. I was on an extremely high dose and not seeing much relief. It made me mean and sleepy lol. I was working with younger children with special needs and all they needed was a mean therapist (clearly i’m being sarcastic) I did not like the person I was on the med so I took myself off of them. Yes, I self-medicated! I know how doctors just love when patients do this (again being sarcastic). However, I pulled myself off in one night and it was almost the worst night of my life. It was like the withdrawl scenes you see on tv filled with heavy sweating, hallucinations, sickness and other not so clean  things. After doing this I learned that you should wean yourself off of this medication due  to its strength….whoops! That why if I have a choice I don’t want to go down that road again.  You think i’m crazy because I am in severe pain and won’t take the meds  that could help??? Maybe you’re right, but remember I am trying to find the natural remedy that is easier on my body.

Moving on…..I was not able to make any games today but got updates on all. This is my favorite season as I played softball from 4-18 then a few years in the adult  slow pitch league. It’s about 6pm and I have been in the bed since 4:30pm. I guess i’m in for the night. My left leg and pelvic area are still having a moment but my right leg gets to rest so that’s good. I was googling today and found a website where other fibro fighters are blogging and I can’t wait to check it out. Soon my blog will go public and I pray it helps give someone encouragement! I should probably take a nice picture and do my hair first….lol!


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