Brrrr. It’s Cold in Here!

Brrrrrr. It’s cold in here there must be some pain in the atmosphere. oh-ee-oh-ee-oh ouch, ouch, ouch (remix)

Hey fabulous people! Today is a brand new day filled with brand new possibilities, brand new opportunities, brand new life and unfortunately brand new pain. That is a blessing and a curse of this illness. Yesterday was awful pain wise but today my leg/pelvic area is sore but not nearly as bad. My skin hurts on my legs and my bicep area on my arms and my fingers and toes ache. BUT today is a better day! Mentally I am more stable and that feels good. I feel good. Thank God. Tonight is Wednesday and I plan on going to church, softball game and then I have class @9. UGH I also have homework that I haven’t done. I am so not sure how on earth I am passing this class. My fingers make it hard to write the work and my mind is making it hard to know the material….but I have an A. #WontHeDoIt. My mom read my old blog today and she told someone about it last week. That makes me happy!!! She supports me in everything else so it was hard not sharing this part with her. Of course I try and not tell her the extent of the rough stuff on a daily basis because I don’t want to worry her. Now she can read it after the fact and she knows I made it through!

AHHH I feel like I can breathe  today! I woke up several  times last night with so much on my mind so I prayed several  times for God to give me peace and sleep. And He did. I prayed that same prayer this morning. I feel my mind is less cluttered and I can actually  think today. Thank you God. I actually feel like myself today and it feels amazing!!!!! It’s supposed to rain tonight and although that has a history of causing me pain I am so glad because it will wash away all of this pollen. No I don’t have allergy issues but so many of my friends and family do. They are all stopped up, runny noses and eyes and this will hopefully give them some relief! I pray it rains hard and a lot!!! Do you guys suffer from allergy issues? What medicine do you take? Do you take tablespoons of honey? It helps my nephew and I know a great bee farmer in the area!!


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