Hobby Lobby Challenge

Hello beautiful people!! Today was a really good day! I slept late then went and got my hair done! Sarah C a childhood friend who has grown into a beautiful woman was able to help tame my hair fiasco! Thank God she saved my head!! Afterwards I had lunch with my mom then went and got my nails done. Ieshia did a great job making my hands look beautiful! I just started getting my nails done about 2 weeks ago so I’m not up on the latest nail fashion. So it was nice to be able to tell the expert what I want and then let her be creative! It was nice to relax and get a mani & pedi. I absolutely love my nails! Thanks #NailsbyEsha!

Next mission was to straighten my hair…tame the beast! I used my new Chi Emerald blow dryer and flat iron! It made straightening my hair so much easier than normal. I can tell my hair is damaged from the color so I will be doing more natural hairstyles such as twist-outs and braid-outs, etc.

I did my make-up and decided to do the hobby lobby photo challenge. If you don’t know what it is I am about to give you a brief description but If you want more you can google or Pinterest it. Ok here we go! So I got all cute then went to the hobby lobby flower area. I found color or flower I liked and my twin cousins took headshots of me. We had sooo much fun… well I did! Below are a few examples.

As you can see my serious face isn’t so serious but I thoroughly enjoyed doing this!!! And I got to spend a little time with my cousins. I see them becoming young women. That’s so interesting to me to be able to see them grow up. I will use some of these on my site and tomorrow is the big photoshoot where I i’ll take pictures outside in different outfits. I can’t wait for this!!!!!

I felt really good today! It’s warmer than it has been outside and I think that’s has a lot to do with my pain. My legs are bothering me a little but for the most part today has been a great day pain wise! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day with it being Easter and homework due day but at least it will be warm so that will help!


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