My aunt use to sing a song that says:

“Whose report will you believe?

We shall believe the report of the Lord

His report says I am healed,

His report says I am filled,

His report says I am free

His report says vic-tor-y”

This song is on my mind this morning. Last night was really rough. Around 11:30 last night my legs began to hurt and my vision was really blurry. I woke up several times during the night in excruciating pain. My legs ache from the inside of the bone and they keep having a numb/burning feeling. But as the song says “whose report will I believe?” No matter what it looks or feels like I will believe the report of the Lord! His report says i am healed, filled, free and I have the victory!! I woke up late and didn’t have time to put much thought into my Easter outfit. Then I remembered I had a sleeveless jumper from Bella Grace Boutique that I love!! I ironed it in less than a minute and threw it on with a blue jean jacket and some open toe booties and bam! I was ready and CUTE I might add. I did not get a picture but here is one from last summer of me in the jumper! If you want this look contact Lydia C. Williams on Facebook or bellagraceboutiquelcw on Instagram

Church was amazing at my home church Shiloh M.B.C. I love hearing our choir sing! Here is a clips of one of the songs that touches me

After church I went to my moms church, God’s Love, who was having God’s Love day. This is a day where they show love to the community. On Easter they have a huge bar-b-que, fish fry and lots of desserts (my fav). Obviously I didn’t stick to the gluten free diet but the desserts were soooooo good! I’ll probably pay for it later🙄. But for now it was worth it. Below is a picture of my mom while she was manning the funnel cake machine. I just love her 😍😍😍

Then my family had a family dinner. My dad made the ham, mom made green beans and sweet potato casserole and I made a sour cream pound cake for the first time. I made it but I turned it over when it was too warm so it didn’t come out of the pan. Luckily my grandma was there and saved the day! She told me a secret to get it out and sure enough it worked. My photographer was double booked so my twin cousins came to the rescue. We went to a couple of places and did pictures! They turned out really well. Then the entire family played Easter games. During the game I noticed my vision getting a little blurry. I was able to play it off…I think. By the time the game was over and we cleaned up and headed home my legs were not doing well. UGH! (insert singing “I hate this part right here”). By the time I got to the car my legs and hands were hurting and my vision in my left eye was almost completely gone. And I still had to get gas for the week! I pulled up at the gas station and my vision was very very blurry. I was nervous because I had to drive. I text my mom to make her aware then I just prayed. I made it home and went to bed. Laying on my back my legs go numb, laying on my left side my arm goes numb and my fingers start to burn. I lay on my right side and my hip hurts. I lay on my stomach and my back hurts. After hours of trying to get comfortable I ended up in tears and standing up. It got bad and I ended up being up most of the night.

I woke up this morning not motivated to do anything. I did not want to move, much-less get up and walk. Times like this are hard because I just want to give-up and quit. I fight with the idea of not being here and not going through this. Then I remember how great I felt yesterday and  how happy I was and I just think “I want to be that girl” I am not fond of this girl in pain. I work til 3:30pm then I have a docotr’s appointment at 4pm. I am not sure how this will go or what benefits it will have considering i’m not taking the medicine. I hope he will understand the path I am trying to take and help with the pain considering I am paying $145 to see him.  The pain seems to have gotten worse at times. Currently the skin on my legs and arms hurt, the bones in my legs hurt and my toes and fingers ache. Today has been hard but I am making it!!


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