Ok, So I Underestimated

Yesterday was a pretty fair day. I spent most of the day at the office working with various children. I love this!! It keeps me on my game. Keeps my therapist skills in check and lets me see those skills I need to freshen up on and helps me realize that I am learning the technical terms to the actions i’m doing and the behavior interventions I am putting into place. Which is good. Makes me feel like I am getting it!!! Thank God! My boss wants to take me off the schedule to “rest” more. Ummm no thanks! I don’t want to not work when I am capable! I know she is just trying to help but that’s not how I operate. If I can do it let me! I will let you know when I can’t. But from a business perspective I can see her concern. It’s hard to change the schedule all of the sudden. Which is what it is if I call out because I never know what the pain will be when I wake up.

I spoke with my professor about my feelings about class. As I have stated before I am am in grad school going to get my second masters in ABA so that I can become a BCBA and help children diagnosed with Autism all over the world!!! Just saying this makes me smile so big! I can’t wait! Not to toot my own horn but….toot toot! LOL I am pretty good at working with children and especially those with special needs and extreme behaviors. I looovvveee what I do!!! Ok so anyway. I haven’t been able to focus lately and then when I am my fingers aren’t working or i’m extremely exhausted. So with all of this needless to say I am 2 weeks behind on my work. My professor and I spoke about the various options I have. Luckily she can empathize with me. I already feel better about this. Having a game plan sets my mind at ease!

Last night I taught my first class in Huntsville at the new location ‘The Spot Barbershop and Fitness Center’ and it was amazing. The ladies had a great time, including me, and we all left drenched! Which is always my goal and we burned 700 plus calories. I made it to the car and my body just stopped. My vision got super blurry and my legs felt like they were retaining fluid and it had built up in my feet. It took me an hour to make a 35 minute drive. I finally arrived at my house and couldn’t get out of the car. UGH! At this point my vision was almost completely gone and my legs were heavy and burning, my head was hurting and I was extremely nauseous. I felt as if I had a concussion but I know that wasn’t the case because I had not hit my head. I may have underestimated the strength I will need to make it through two classes on two days back to back. This was probably not a good idea to take on this extra class but here we are and i’m not going back on my word. I barely made it in the house but I did make it and showered. Getting out of the shower I fell and hit my face on the counter. I have a bruised cheek now in addition to my face being sensitive. Luckily I am brown and don’t show bruises easily. I tried to ice my face but the cold doesn’t fair well with my skin. I slept well surprisingly! I woke up at 11, 1 and 3. Still not too bad!

This morning I woke up with songs in my head that were highly motivating and minimal pain. Its time to pay rent (i’m late) and I need to go by the bank and get all my meds  refilled. I do not have insurance right now so I have to pay out of pocket to see the doctor and for medications. So my doctor appointment was $140, one medication will be $68, another $67 and I’m not sure how much the new med will be yet. Geesh it’s getting hard but I know God will make a way. He always does!

My vision is still very blurry, my neck and head hurt as well as my legs and fingers and torso when I breathe….and above all else its FREAKING COLD AGAIN! Like really though? Why??? Can it please just be spring already??? I have church tonight @6:30 and class @9. Luckily I am off this afternoon (if I don’t get called in) so I can take a nap. I hope my body holds up until then. I will WILL it to.  I am a firm believer that you can will yourself to do most things. My will and Gods strength has gotten me through some very rough times here lately.

I am rocking my bracelet my bestie got me!!


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