Selah: Day 3

Today is my last day of bed rest. I am going to keep some of the things I have been doing like: 3 part yoga breathing to calm down, turning my phone off sometimes, making time to relax more and spending more time with God. Hopefully these things will become a routine.

Last night was a rough night. I woke up several times in pain from my legs and face. My legs are still on fire and tender. They hurt whenever anything touches them but I can’t be cold because then the bone in my leg will hurt. So I put on leggings to act as a second skin layer so I could wrap up in my blanket. It’s hard to lay down when your body is on fire. Oh did I mention the bottom of my butt cheeks are on fire too? 😱😱 Laying on my stomach to relieve my butt the swapping over to relieve my thighs… not to mention my face! Lol I like to sleep on my sides. I sleep with a body pillow/pregnancy pillow. It allows me to elevate my legs or back or whatever. BEST INVESTMENT!! I am about to try and get up and get ready for the day. How I’m feeling right now it will definitely be a crutches day. Why? To keep weight off of my legs and feet. Plus it’s like walking on fireπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯How do you sleep? Have you ever tried the body pillow?


Dinner was great and it was nice to see my family. I laid on the couch and did some homework! My fingers and my mind are on the same page and man does that feel goodπŸ˜„. I also took another pain pill. It did take away some of the pain away from my back and hands. Thank God!! My cousin with Lupus told me about a new natural med called Mega Red 4+1. We also talked about how diet effects our bodies! I know I will feel today’s meal this week but right now it was so worth it!!

Right???? Omg!!!!

I did a little grocery shopping and got gas for the week. The week ahead is going to be pretty busy but I got this!! This week I am going to continue to try and reach those goals I set on day 1. Some of them were mental so obviously I haven’t mastered them yet. I’m going to chose a scripture to say every morning. I will also write a declaration to declare over my life everyday. Try and get my mind right. I believe when that happens my body will follow! I hope you all have an amazing week!!! What is something this week that you are changing tobetter your future?


5 thoughts on “Selah: Day 3

  1. robinclay27 says:

    You can do all things because God is your strengthener. It’s not your strength, so it lessens the worry. God bless your mind-body journey. When you master that, you will be truly healed and delivered. My money is on you and God.

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  2. Loletheia Marks says:

    Speak it, declare it, believe it, receive it and walk in it! The bible declares that we are not just Conquerors but we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS! You got this! And what I’m declaring this week is more of God and less of Leigh so I can walk fully in my purpose that he has for me!

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