Manic Monday

Ooooh weee today started off rough!!! I bet the devil read my post from yesterday because he woke up on it!!! Little did he know God was going to pull me through! I woke up this morning with my skin on fire all over my body including my torso. It hurt to breathe when I inhaled and burned when I exhaled and my right eye was almost 100% blurry. I stayed in bed as long as possible trying to see if it would get better if I gave it a few more min. It didn’t. I text my mom and asked her to pray. I cut on my “But God” playlist because I knew the only way I was going to make it was to get some word! I brought my crutches to work but left them in the car. I’m trying to make it! My skin hurts! Breathing hurts! BUT I’m making it!!

While at work one of my best friends sent me a picture of her daughter who wanted to do the hobby lobby photo challenge like I did.

Her pictures look exactly like mine! I so needed this today! Her mom said she said “this is the flower Tee Shana had in her hands” I could have cried. It is a reminder that people are watching me. My babies that I love so dearly are watching me. Watching me succeed or fail, watching how I grow through this trial period in my life. I want them to see my strength! Yes this is just a picture but the meaning was so much more. It really touched my heart.

I have class tonight and tomorrow but I am focusing on today. One step at a time! I feel nauseas and a little like I may pass out but I know it’s just the pain. It’s just pain. “It’s just pain and you’ve felt pain before. You’ve dealt with worse pain than this before. It’s just pain. You can do this” that what I tell myself in my pep talks. 🤣🤣Judge me it’s ok💁🏾 that’s how I get through rough moments.


Guess what?!?! I did 64 jumping jacks in a song tonight. 32 regular and 32 squat jacks. Then the next song my right leg was moving by itself 😂😂 now it’s not moving at all BUT I did it!! I’m super pumped!!! I plan on being in bed by 8:45pm so my body can get rest for tomorrow. Last week was awful after teaching back to back. This week will not be! It’s going to be good!! SN: I’m really glad I have these crutches in the car right now. I don’t have to have anxiety about getting out. Woop woop! I hope you guy have had an amazing day!! Terrific Tuesday up next!


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