Oh This Skin I’m In

**This post was written over 2 days**

Today is my nephews 10th birthday and he is so excited!!!! I am too! He’s growing up so fast 😢. I’m so happy sad lol. There’s so much he has to learn about being a young black man in America who can accomplish anything. I want him to know the world is his no matter what!! We are having dinner at his fav place tonight. Why is it his favorite place? Because they have good fresh fries 🤣🤣🤣. He is so funny!

Speaking of funny. So is my body! It has to be joking today. Last night went ok after class. I was able to see THANK GOD! I slept ok. Then heading out of the house my body decided “🔥🐜❄️🌬” all at the same time! For those who can’t see the emojis they say “fire, ants, cold and wind”. I had to change clothes out of jeans into leggings.


Yesterday my mom had to help me out of my clothes. Taking them off felt like my skin was being ripped from my body. I took a nap then went to celebrate with my nephew. Dinner was great and the look on his face was so worth the pain I was in. I so love that kiddo. Here’s a picture I managed to get of us last night. Apparently 10yr old boys don’t just simply smile. Ugh lol!

After dinner I prepared to take my flash card test which was at 10:45pm. Oh the things we do to get an education. I didn’t rock it like normal but I did ok considering I could only see clearly out of one eye, I was medicated and in lots of pain. Hey I passed and that’s what matters. Right? Yes! I’m still trying to convince myself of this. I don’t like not excelling.

I didn’t sleep well at all but today is field trip day!!! We are headed to a rodeo! With lots of walking. Lots of walking. LOTS of WALKING!!! Can you tell how thrilled I am? Did I mention my skin is hurting under my feet, on my stomach, my left leg, left arm and hands and I’m on crutches!!! Lol yay rodeo!! In spite of being absolutely miserable in this skin I’m in I am excited because this is my first rodeo lol.

The rodeo was amazing!! I had so much fun! And the people I was with had an amazing time too. I am exhausted and my body hurts. Especially my feet and my face. It’s hurts to inhale 🤦🏾‍♀️And I still have more work until 5:30pm and zumba class tonight @8! Lord give me strength! What are you guys doing today? Ever been to a rodeo? What was yourfav part?


One thought on “Oh This Skin I’m In

  1. Loletheia Marks says:

    As I’m reading this God reminded me of Job. All that Job went through..he could have easily given up..threw in the towel but he kept on pushing…kept on trusting God and his faith never left. And as I read you always in spite of what you’re going through find the positive and give God thanks! And just like Job God is going to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or think. THIS TOO SHALL PASS


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