Marvelous Monday (updated)

Guess what guys???? Drum roll please…….



I woke up in no pain this morning!!!!! Lord I thank you!!!! This might seem small and it may not last all day but it was amazing!!! I know that He can do it. He said he’ll bring me through it!!

Today has remained pretty darn good! I am so thankful!!! I feel like me. Like I can listen and comprehend, like I can relax without worrying about what will hurt next, like I can laugh freely and engage in conversation, like I can smile and it’s genuine!! It’s not hiding tears, not hiding pain. Today I feel like …me! One of my friends said “welcome back” that felt so good! I felt it in my soul! Although I instantly thought “God please let me stay” then I decided to just enjoy it for however long it last. Be it a lifetime or 24 hours either way these are precious, marvelous, magnificent, fantabulous moments and I am going to bask in them!

I was able to take a 40 min nap followed by an Advocare Spark (I’m an ambassador) to get ready for class. C L A S S!! Guys I felt really good in class tonight. I did some jumps! Yep in several songs! We were all dripping with sweat at the end of class. Seeing them laugh and watching their faces during class just makes my heart do a little 2 pump (like 2step) 🤣🤣🤣 did you laugh? I did!!! You guys know I’m a little corny 💁🏾. Check out some of my peeps after class tonight! And here I am… this is one of my favorite pics of me I’ve seen in a while. This is a genuine smile.

Eeeeek all this silver on this lining 😍I am heading to bed to ensure I get 8 hours of sleep or close to it!

“I gotta say, today was a good day”

– Ice Cube


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