“Watch Your Mouth”

This morning I woke up in some pain. I was disappointed! Then God reminded me that it’s no where near what I’ve been through. No where near what I’ve already made it through!! So of course I will make it through this… I’ve already proven I can. Trying to convince me more than you lol. A friend reminded me last night of a conversation we had previously about speaking things over our lives. He declared today would be the best day of my life and I agreed and I expect it to be so.

Now I can’t expect greatness and speak negativity ….. that’s like being wet and dry or hungry and full or snapping and clapping or as the older people say oil and water. The two things just can’t happen at the same time or they can’t mix. So today I encourage you to watch what comes out of your mouth. Speak the things you want to see happen. “Watch your Mouth” lol I was told this a lot as a child when I would be getting smart with my mom. Lol! Now I tell myself this. I have to remind myself to do this.

Ok now let’s be real because not everyone “believes” or has the idea of faith. So why am I going to say I’m not in pain when clearly I feel pain? I’m not! That’s crazy. What I mean is I’m going to shift my focus/my words from what it is to what I want it to be. Real life example: my feet are burning. I could say “my feet are burning and I don’t feel good” or I could shift my focus and say “I’m having some pain but I’m ok” or “I’m having some pain but it will get better”. The first option says what it is and leaves no room for it to get better. The second and third options say what it is but leaves room for positivity or something better to occur. All of this may sound crazy but it’s just about perspective. I believe the things that come out of my mouth will set the tone for what happens in my life. If nothing else speaking something more positive allows for the POSSIBILITY of something positive to happen and makes you feel a little better. Hope you guys understand what I mean.

So ordinarily after class tonight my body is done. So I am going to try and think against that by putting positive thoughts in the atmosphere. Is it easy? No not when my body is already hurting ….lol but because my body is already hurting what can thinking positive hurt? Nothing! So why not do it💁🏾 I probably seem like I can’t make up my mind but I just want you guys to see the real. I don’t think positive all the time. It is something I am constantly striving for.

I just received a donation to help cover my medication. I am so thankful! Look at God and that positivity paying off 😉 I hope you all have an amazing day!!


3 thoughts on ““Watch Your Mouth”

  1. robinclay27 says:

    I’m in awe of you. Thanks for being an example and a teacher/leader to us all. This reminder is much needed. As many times as we say things like this to others, it helps to have that mirror shifted around towards ourselves. Thanks for being that boomerang/mirror that we needed today. Thanks also for your sacrifice. Going when you barely have anything to give us admirable. May God restore you fully as your pour into our lives.


  2. Loletheia Marks says:

    To God be the Glory! Thanks for sharing and always keeping it positive. You are an inspiration to many. Thanking God for where he’s brought you from and where’s he’s taking you to! And your latter shall be GREATER!! Love ya😘😘


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