Another Days Journey and I’m Glad

Hey guys!! How are ya? I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve updated you. I have had some great moments, good days and not so good days since I last blogged. Let’s start with the great!!!

Friday night I was able to go to my nephews baseball game. I hadn’t been out at night in the cold in months!!!! It was so nice to be able to see him play. To feel like me again and the best part was cheering him on!!

Saturday I got up around 9ish then again around 11. I cleaned up. Got out of the house and went to my grandmas. I got to visit with her and one of my aunts. It was nice being out. I hung out with my mom and we had lunch on the patio. Ahhhhh fresh air (pollen) the birds chirping and the cool breeze. It was sooo amazing to be pain free. We bought some things for my patio. The best part about that was my mom saying “you sound like yourself” and I felt like myself. I felt happy and normal! I went home and worked on my patio. I got my lights hung up, solar lights planted and moved my other chairs so I could put the new ones my mom is giving me out there. I finally got settled and was able to enjoy my patio around 7. How did I manage this? Well…. 😉. For some of you judge mental people I will leave it at that.

I got in bed around 8 and slept til 9:30am Sunday. I went back to sleep and woke up @12 in pain. Guess I did too much on Saturday. Wooo wee I was uncomfortable. After lounging around and trying to take it slow I saw a post from another FMS sufferer who was having a hard time. I checked on her to see if she needed anything. I pulled myself out of bed and got dressed for my 3 pm meeting. I took her some medicine to help with the pain and went to my meeting. In the meeting it was freezing. My bones hurt and my feet hurt. I made it through the meeting and went and got groceries and gas. I finally made it home and couldn’t get out of my car. I hate when this happens. I tried to figure out the reason for me continuing to b some stuck. Was it lack of energy, lack of motivation, exhaustion or pain? I wasn’t sure. Pain? Yes it hurts but I can usually trick my mind to make it through when I’m in pain. I was exhausted and just didn’t feel like moving. I didn’t feel like getting out. I didn’t feel like being in pain. So I set myself a 5 min timer and at the end of that time it didn’t matter what I felt…. I had to get out. I did! I finished up 2/3 homework assignments then climbed into bed and allowed all of my body to relax. Allowing my mattress to fill the curves of my body. Ahhhh interrupted by PAIN!!! Shooting, burning, stabbing pain that was ready to get me out of bed.

I woke up around 12,1,3,5 and my alarm clock went off at 6:15 🤦🏾‍♀️ I didn’t want to move this body of mine. Ugh I didn’t want to get up or walk to the bathroom. I didn’t want to shower because water sometimes hurts… mentally I just didn’t feel like it. Monday right?? A feeling I bet a lot of people can relate to today.

I am at work and my body is tired and hurting. It’s cold and my legs,hands, feet and face ache. The skin on my stomach and back, outer part of my arms and on my calfs and thighs are sensitive to touch. Not to mention I’m having to take shallow breaths because it hurts my skin for my chest to expand and the muscles between my shoulder blades hurt. I think the elevated pain is due to the weather. I’m nauseous and I want to go home.


I missed supervision this afternoon and took a nap. I did teach class tonight. I don’t know how or if I should have pushed through it. But I did. And it was a good class too! I burned over 650 calories and I did the low impact version. I feel kinda beast-mode-ish right now. Lol I have a long week ahead and it’s supposed to rain all week. I am praying that the weather will change and rain will be replaced with sun. If prayer can move mountains surely it can change the weather😉 I might better call my grandma and ask her to pray that as well…. you know just incase lol.

Welp Monday is over!!!! And I made it!! There’s an old hymnal that says:

It’s just Another days journey and I’m glad

I’m glad about it

So glad about it

You know that I’m so glad I’m alive!


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