Every Tuesday my dad cooks fish. He is a regular ol’ fisherman and I love it! When we were young he told us stories about how he learned to fish and who taught him. Now I see him passing those skills to my nephew who has been fishing like a pro since he was around 7. To know my dad is to respect/fear him…. yes I’m still slightly scared of him lol! Scared enough to respect him. Any way my dad is a man of few words but he can make his point known. Whether it hurts your feeling or makes you happy what he said is what he said and you will be ok….or you go crying to Moma 💁🏾 but either way you’re ok! Lol! I think about watching him “gut” a fish. If you’ve ever seen this or done it it’s not something you will soon forget. Brief description: cut the head, pull the insides and peel the skin. Still there? Grossed out yet?

Ok so if you’re still reading I was thinking today how much when my skin is hurting I wish I could peel it off! Gross I know but I do often think “would the wound be greater pain than just the feeling of it”, “would it actually give me relief”, “would I die”, “how would I explain what I did without sounding like an absolute lunatic”? Obviously these are just thoughts and I know I can’t cut my skin off….. or can I?


This weekend I got a fur baby!! He is a 7 week old pitbul and he is adorable!!!!!! His name is Cade. He sleeps a lot and whines when he needs to potty if I’m asleep. #Winning right? Well last night I went to bed extremely nauseated but just chalked it up to it being a side effect of the meds as I often feel this way. Cade begin whining around 3. I let him out and that’s when I got sick 🤢 it was not good and it was everywhere. And of course in true disgusting puppy form he tried to eat it…..grossed me out even more!!!! I got in and out of the bed sick until it was time for me to get up @6am. Cade got up every time I did😍 I think he could tell I wasn’t well because he stayed at the door and cried. Well that or he was tired of being put out🤷🏾‍♀️ I am going to say he was concerned. I am very thankful for him already!!

I went on to work and had an ok day. I tried to keep to myself. One because what if it’s a virus and two talking made me feel sick. My upset stomach lasted all day. I did force myself to eat 4 crackers and 3/4 of a Gatorade. My pain level was pretty low the first part of the day. Then I sat in a cold chair against a cold wall and it was cold in the room. That did it! My body went into shock mode. Pain hit everywhere and the nerves on my skin all woke up! It was so not fun 🤦🏾‍♀️After work I called in for the afternoon and got a sub for my Tuesday class. I went home and slept for a couple of hours. I tossed and turned trying to get comfortable. I mistakingly put on shorts instead of pants and my skin felt like it was being melted together and then the blisters ripped apart! Awful!!!!I woke up to a text from my mom “cooking fish tonight” ….. in my best Tony the tiger voice imagine my response. I decided that even though fish probably isn’t the best idea on a shaky stomach I didn’t want to miss this family time.

I enjoy hanging out with my parents. Tonight we watched a reality show. I had no idea my dad watched that kind of tv so it was funny hearing him make comments. I was thinking “awww how sweet that they watch tv together. And he knows enough about that characters to show he is paying attention”…. this is huge!!! I ate one piece of fish and 10 fries (my fav food next to Oreos). I struggle getting it down but whether it stays or not it was so worth it to spend time with them both. My mom could see my not feeling well in my eyes. I was thinking “hmmm really? I feel like I couldn’t keep them focused long enough to see” but she is Mom and we can’t hide much from her.

As I lay here in bed writing you all I can’t help but to be thankful for those darn fish! Lol


2 thoughts on “Fishin’

  1. Kshelle says:

    Im an island girl….and I LOOOOVE FISH and curry chicken. Some people have asked me how I can eat either when I’m sick….to which I promptly reply…THIS IS COMFORT food for an island girl. lol


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