Clap Along if You Feel…

Today was a pretty darn good day! I woke up late and had to rush the dog through his stretches. I think he is less of a morning person than me. Lol. I am happy to say he does really well at night. THANK God!! I made it to work on time and work went well! I did get a fever blister but I haven’t kept food down since Monday. My mom says that happens sometimes when you’re sick… and man oh man has it been rough. 🤢🤢🤢 But I am feeling a little bette today so I tried some chicken. Guess what? It stayed down!!!! Woop woop! During work I watched two movies and went to a softball game. Talk about an easy day! And my kid did great during all three events! After my full time job I did a training at my part time job. It was fun and only an hour! After that I taught zumba. I also had good clarifying conversation with the guy I was conversing with. I kind of wish we had communicated sooner. I’ve always heard communication is key. I guess it’s easier said than done.

As I sit her reflecting on my day, it was good. My day was good and I feel good! Man life is good!! I also am beginning to notice some things I do that are taking a toll on my body. The lack of doing some of those things has decreased the pain. Completing some has increased it so now I’ve got some tough decisions to make. But for now I will keep this short and sweet and as always on these good days….

“I gotta say, today was a good day”

-Ice Cube


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