Ummmn What?

🐪What day is it???? No really what’s today?

Just kidding…happy hump🐪 day!!

Now back to my joke above, my fibro fog has been ridiculous today! I try to think and I can almost hear elevator music. It’s so quiet yet so busy in my brain. I feel like the inside of my brain looks like those grey clouds before it storms and my thoughts are trapped behind them. Remember those highlight children’s books where you had to find the objects in a picture? Remember? well that’s how my brain would look with me trying to find a thought! So below I placed some words into a cloud so you get more of a feel of what I mean. List what you see in the comments!! If you don’t want to do that here is an example of today.

Person: hey did you ask her

Me: ask who

Person: says name

Me: ohhh ask her about what?🤷🏾‍♀️

Other random thoughts: do I? Have I? Hmm maybe I did? Hope I did! Don’t remember what you’re talking about! What? Sure! Man I bet I sound dumb right now! Did I say that out loud? 😂😂😂! Ok join my brain for a minute.

Outside of the FF (fibro fog) today was pretty darn cool! Especially compared to yesterday. Scream.cry.shake🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ whew I had a flashback. But I made it yes I did! Whew


Good Thursday morning. Last night as I was posting I had a panic attack. This morning I’m very weak and tired. My right leg feels like have pulled a muscle in the entire leg. Other places are very tight and some sore. Right leg and left foot is jacked up 😂Walking is kind of difficult so it’s a lean wit it rock with it kind of day😂😂 I am still going to work but going a little late. I hope you all have an amazing day!! Don’t forget to post your answers for the picture above. ✌🏾


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