I Don’t Know

I have another blog post that I will post soon. This post I am specifically asking for prayer. I began feeling very ill during class tonight. My body was extremely cold and my hands were like ice. I have on the mood nail polish and it was the “cold color” but I had just finished zumba and was drenched in sweat. My body shivered I was so cold in 70• weather. Two of my dedicated zisters stayed and made sure I got home because I was unable to drive. Of course my mom came to my rescue and even helped with my puppy (she’s not a dog person). I am home and in bed. I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t feel good or even ok. I just don’t know. Please pray these things specifically:

1. Body temp regulated

2. Energy restored

3. Nausea lessened

4. Vision restored

5. Feeling back in hands and legs

6. Rest and restoration over the night

7. Pain decreased

I know that this is the devil because I spoke with God concerning my healing but I will tell you about that later. Thank you all in advance.


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