My Sissy Pooh Turns 30

I absolutely can not believe my baby is about to be 3-0!!!! It’s crazy growing up you get to know them and then when you’re grown you learn a whole new them!

These are the days leading up to today:


I have decided to throw her a 30th bday gathering. The theme is Game Night!! I am doing most of the decor and the food by myself; which makes me hate I waited this late. It’s 8pm Friday and I need to have most decor and homework done tonight. One of my besties is making her shirt so tomorrow I will go to Birmingham and pick it up. I am so tired and in pain (legs hurt, nose hurts to breathe, and rib cage/side) BUTTTT the show must go on! I will post a picture of the decor as I finish it!! She’s going to be so surprised!!!

It’s 9:15 and I’ve gotten everything but the cake and ground beef. My vision is very blurry so I am going to abort mission for the rest of the night and go to bed.


Today has been a very busy day! Whewwww!!!

I got the frame done

In the middle of getting my nails done Whitney text me about doing her hairπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ. She has no idea how many things I have to get done and I can’t tell her because it’s for her. Soo of course I’m going to do it… it’s her birthday!!!! I finished half of her streamer background but ran out of streamers soooo I have to hold up on that.

It’s 12:15am and I’m finally in bed!! I finished her hair and re-did mine! My body is feeling pretty ok…. honestly I’m shocked!!! My sister brought her puppy and Cade’s cousin/brother πŸ˜‚. They had a very loud blast ALLLL over the house. This is them in time-out!This is them fighting in time-out! πŸΆπŸ˜‚πŸΆ

My sister resembles me with her hair done. We always hear that but I’ve never thought that. All in all today has been good day!! Oh and read the blog I Had to Share! I posted this yesterday 6/23. God gave me a song to hold on to that of course I had to share with you guys!!

Ooooo-weeeee another blessing!!


Good morning 🌞 It’s Sunday and it’s my sisters birthday (insert screams of joy and excitement) I am running late but I am going to church! My body is quite sore this morning and my skin hurts in a lot of places but the show must go on!! I have a lot of things left to do today: cooking, setting up, moving furniture, cleaning the house, going to Birmingham to get Whitney’s shirt from one of my besties who does screen printing and going to Whitney’s dinner with our family @4! Wheeeew I’m tired just thinking about it BUT It’s going to be a fabulous day!!!!!!

She was so excited and surprised!!! Omg it made everything worth it!! J.A.T Just A Thought custom designs for her shirt “30 and Queenin!!!You can find them on Facebook!

It’s 1:08 am and I just climbed in my bed…. oh my goodness it feels good to relax!!!! I am exhausted but seeing a surprise on her face was so worth it!!!! After the family left we played a few games and had a few drinks. It was fun being able to “adult” and not have to worry about getting home safely. Earlier today my classmate reminded me we have a test due tonight 2am our time. So yes I just finished the test while less than sober πŸ˜‰ and get this; I made an 86!!!! I will take it! I’m actually feeling pretty proud of myself for today! Everyone enjoyed themselves especially my sissy Pooh! My baby is 30 😍😍😍


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